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The new gold class in beard oil.

Captain Fawcett's collaborate with Jimmy Niggles on the "Million Dollar Beard Oil.' An exciting development that brings together the trusted quality and results from the Captain Fawcett team and the cause and passion of Jimmy Niggles and the Beard Season movement.

The release is in time for the more traditional Australian 'Beard Season' although we are all more familiar with the year long fury friend. The oil is everything that we have come to expect from Captain Fawcett's with the added spark of gold flakes for the million dollar beard in all of us.

The Beard Season charity is an important one and if you don't already know about it, you should. Hopefully this will inspire more beards but more importantly more skin checks.

About Beard Season

Jimmy Niggles is the man that has curated the “Million Dollar Beard’ he is also the founding ambassador of the Bead Season movement. The premise behind the charity is to grow beards as conversation starters and then once the conversation begins - talk about getting skin checks. Fighting Melanoma one beard at a time. Grow On!!!!

If you are not already following @beardseason we strongly suggest that you do.

We had the good fortune to meet Jimmy at a Beard Season event and he is truly a wonderful man who is dedicated so much to this cause. Buy a beard oil, help the cause, get your skin check.

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