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Mr Hardy’s Gentlemen's Emporium recently travelled through Europe and were lucky enough to meet the team behind the Bearded Man Company. We know how much you all love the product, so we thought you’d love this too.

Q&A with Martin - Owner of the Bearded Man Company;

When did you start making Beard Oils and Moustache Waxes?

Late 2012, although we launched in 2013. There was lots of development that happened behind the scenes, we had been making chemical free cosmetics for years and the beard oils just kind of happened as a new offering for us.

Why is the chemical free part so important to you?

There are a lot of fillers and chemicals used in the cosmetic industry, we feel that these additions are unnecessary and sometimes harmful, so we made it a point of difference during the development and it has kind of stayed with us. If an ingredient is not going to enhance the product or the users experience we don’t add it.

Do you have a favourite scent?

As we developed each one and we try to make them all different so its hard to pick a favorite.

Why 24 scents?

We wanted to offer a scent that would suit everyone. We make each scent as individual and specific as possible. There will always be a scent that appeals more than another's and if customers can’t decide, they can buy a combination of a few together or a sampler set. As the products are right under the nose, its important that the person wearing them is able to enjoy them without the scent being over powering. 

Whats has been the best bit so far?

The feedback from the customers! Everyone is so generous with their support and love for the product. We have found that having an awesome beard is very important and personal  - you may have noticed the beard invasion in London, so our products help to enhance the feel, look and smell of the beard. We take our part in this beard movement seriously and want to keep our customers happy.

We have been sharing your Ricki Hall application video for a while now and people love it, what was the idea behind working with Ricki?

He is a bit of a bearded legend in London, the first high profile bearded and tattooed model really and when we were looking for our next ‘Behind the Beard’ he was the natural choice. Its important to us that the people who are involved in ‘Behind the Beard’ are able to use the product and can be an honest representation. Our first ‘Behind the Beard’ was with Callum Best, people like them so we’ll continue to add more.

After using your Beard Oil myself I find it lighter and easier to apply than others, was that something you wanted to ensure from the development phase?

The consistence is important, beard oils can be messy if they are to thin and if they’re to thick it is difficult for the beard to get and even nourishment. A lighter beard oil is more versatile and more enjoyable to use. Beard oil isn't something that needs to be liberally applied its more like a gentle application combing the oil through the bristles to soften them and give them the additional moister required.

Do you use the oil everyday?

Of course, I must admit I do like to mix it up and try all different scents. Its like having a different option for different occasions. I like wearing Rio when its hot outside and Nag Champa when its cold. That could all change next week though.

Any secret plans for 2015 that you can share with us?

Maybe a new scent and a new product range, but you’ll have to stay tuned as its top secret.

One last question, are beards here to stay? We have mixed media reports in Australia.

Beards have been around since the beginning of time, they’ll always be around it just took someone to be on a billboard with a beard for people to sit up and take notice. To be honest there are too many guys who have accustom to the beard love for it to disappear. I don't think there going anywhere. 

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