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With the cooler weather upon us, now is the perfect time to grow your facial hair. Explore ways to reinvent your look.

The Beard

Growing a beard is not for the faint hearted; nailing a rocking beard takes patience. First, you need to deal with the itchy stages of beard growth - which is often one of the biggest obstacles to overcome! Having a good skincare regime with exfoliation, a deep pore treatment and good hydrating moisturiser will help alleviate the majority of irritation throughout this phase – or at least until you are ready for a beard oil. Secondly there may be questioning; why? How long have you been growing it for? Can I touch it? What’s your number? Then there is the confusion of those around you, especially about week 10, when things get wild! Trust me, beards need some serious upkeep!

It’s no secret that beards have grown in popularity in recent years; they are no longer tarnished or labelled as a sign of laziness. Regardless of where in the world you live or visit, guys are trying beards more than ever before, and lets be honest - it’s great to see this type of self-expression.

With the trend of beards continuing, despite what some tabloids have to say on the matter, you may have noticed a surge in beard care products such as Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Moustache Waxes, Beard Wash and Beard Soap to name just a few.

10 things to know before you grow!

  1. Look after your skin, healthy skin and healthy pores make hair growth less irritable.
  2. Persevere – the itchy phase is a tiny irritant compared with shaving every day.
  3. Don’t trim your beard too early. Let it grow for as long as possible before you reach for the scissors. Trimming too early will result in an odd shape or your beard will look too defined and tailored. For the best shape – see a professional barber who offers beard trims.
  4. Don’t be shy to use a Beard Wash or Beard Soap to avoid facial hair drying and becoming wiry.
  5. Once you have an even coverage why not use Beard Oils. The essential oils will nourish the hair and help it stay soft, making it more manageable and smelling delicious.
  6. Despite what you may have read, oils, balms and any other beard care and male grooming products will not make a beard grow. Good beards come from genes and a healthy lifestyle. Not from a bottle.
  7. Workout. You’re going to need a good body to go with the glorious beard, so get your ass to the gym.
  8. Learn to multitask when eating or drinking. A spare napkin or two is important especially if you’re on a date. Never trust your companions to tell you if you have sauce, coffee or yesterdays toast in your beard. Always Check!
  9. Know when to give up. If you haven’t got a full beard after 3–4 months, it may be time to shave it off and move on, or at least reduce it to designer stubble. It’s all in the genes really.
  10. Follow other bearded fans on social media – it will offer inspiration and help you reach your goal of being bearded and beautiful. @mr.hardys

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