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Straight cut razors are one of those very rare items where beautiful craftsmanship and usefulness go hand in hand. We often get asked what guys should look for when purchasing something with such a long life span, so we thought we would put together 5 points for you to consider:

  • Buy from a reputable brand, one that is well known in the shaving industry, a brand that has been making beautiful razors for a long time, try Dovo Solingen.
  • Choose a blade that is sturdy for longevity and a well shaped handle for your comfort. A plastic handle is a great entry level, but it will not grow old with you, so keep that in mind.
  • Accompany your purchase with a leather strop for sharpening and general maintenance of your new razor blade. As a side note, not all blades are pre-sharpened, so to avoid disappointment we always suggest you buy as a pair.
  • Practice makes perfect, re-training your hands to glide across your face with a straight razor is very different from anything you will have used in the past, be patient with yourself, it might take a few goes to get your shave to barbershop perfect.
  • Rinse and dry your blade thoroughly after use, store in a dry place away from splashing water. Take care of it and it could last you a lifetime.

One of our favourite things about straight cut razors is the stories people tell about when they got their first, or the first time they used their razor and made a serious error in judgement.

My favourite story is from a great uncle who was given one as part of his induction kit into the armed forces. I love the idea that to be cleanly shaven was such an expectation that the employer provided the tools. Can you image rocking up on day one of a new job and being asked to be cleanly shaven and then handed a new, highly polished straight cut razor for your trouble. Sign me up.

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