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We are excited to introduce and welcome Fit Skincare to MR HARDYS.

FIT Skincare - Full Range

FIT Skincare answers the demands of living a busy, health conscious lifestyle with premium skincare - that works just as hard as we do. Made in the UK, we are excited to offer this range in Australia.

The power house of this range stems from its OXY-FIT-10 technology (an oxygen delivery system) used throughout the range it encourages skin and hair cells to replenish and rejuvenate at a faster rate. Fit Skincare has all the basis covered with 10 products, including haircare, skincare and body care. Health, lifestyle and wellbeing go hand and hand, so why not make life easier with the right ingredients in our daily routines.

Fit Skincare makes looking good a choice. Its easy - Workout - Shower - Fit Skincare and Repeat. During the month of February we are giving away a Free Lip Serum with every Fit Skincare order (While stocks last.) 

What the Media thinks:

I think I can work with this brand as it is very City-friendly.” - Philippa Clarke, FT: How to Spend It/Square Meal.

Ensure(s) you will look your very best.” - Attitude.

I am always eager to discover new brands and give them a platform. FIT seems easy on the eye (literally) and Im sure we’ll with it in the near future.” - Jess Punter, Grooming & Style Editor - GQ. Shortlisted Grooming Awards - Pec & Ab Sculpt - Best body maintenance Product - Nominated.

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