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With the rise of the male skincare ranges all across the world, it can often become difficult to pick the right grooming solution and then second to that, remain loyal. 

Mr Hardy's try out all of the products we stock before we make them available to you. All of the brands we sell smell delicious and are filled with natural ingredients and each products has its own set of unique features. If your struggling to pick from our range, here is a little bit about some of our popular skincare bands to help you on your way.

Fit Skincare - Mr Hardy's

Fit Skincare will appeal to those of you who are sport-men or very active gym-goers. The reason for this is that the range uses technology to boost the oxygen levels in skin, this works most effectively after workouts or excessive exercise. The majority of the Fit Skincare range is designed to be used when the body is recovering from a workout. The most obvious is the 'Peck and Ab Sculpt' it helps the body recover from the workout whilst encouraging the cells to burn fat. 

Hunter Lab Skincare -  Mr Hardy's

Hunter Lab is for those of you who like things that work effortlessly and have the added bonus of beautiful packaging (it looks good in the bathroom - ya know for visitors.) Hunter have worked tirelessly to create a brand that fits with the most masculine of men. Using only natural ingredients it offers the experience and results that women have been accustom to for years. Developed with the nutrients and necessities that a mans skin needs. 

Baxter of California - Mr Hardy's

Baxter of California is the fun loving option for men who are new to the possibilities of skincare or someone who wants everything from the same maker. A full range of options are available from Baxter that cover the basics of face-wash all the way through the secret weapons of herbal toner and anti ageing creams. With decades of experience in the skincare, hair and body wash world, Baxter will have all your grooming needs covered.

Triumph & Disaster - Mr Hardy's

Triumph and Disaster is the brand that is where science meets nature and style. Taking on the world one soap wash at a time. The team behind Triumph are the lads of the hardworking dads who used traditional soap and shaving tools. Finding the solutions to many skincare issues through nature they have created a well rounded collection for the hardworking man.

If you ever need any help finding the right product - please contact us - we are more than happy to help you find the right product.  

Look after your skin!

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