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Best Badger Shaving Brush

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Captain Fawcett’s true badger shaving brush is the perfect tool to aid in better shaves. Badger hair will encourage a rich and foamy lather from any pre-shave choice, resulting in a closer more comfortable wet shave. Made to imitate a luxury shave from the past with a faux ivory handle and chrome detailing, this shaving badger brush is handcrafted in the cobble streets of Sheffield, England. Relive the finer things from the past.


Genuine Badger hair, with a faux Irony Handle and chrome derailing.

How to Use?

Wet the badger shaving brush with warm water, shake off excess water, then place a small amount of shaving cream, soap or oil on the tip of the brush, or from a shaving bowl. Lather using circular motions to apply to face. Avoid using pressure and shave as normal. After use rinse the badger brush thoroughly under running warm water (do not use boiling or cleaning products), shake to remove excess water and then hang to air dry. We recommend using a razor stand to hand your shaving brush.

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$58.00 $70.00


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