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Massage Miracle Body Serum

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Product Description

Fit Skincare’s massage miracle body serum will enhance your performance and speed up muscle recovery time after workouts. Using a mix of menthol to cool, ginger to reduce pain and inflammation and witch hazel to accelerate the natural healing process. Your hardworking muscles will be gym ready again in no time. This is the perfect solution for frequent gym-goers who want to see quick results with less recovery time.

Key Ingredients

Ginger Extract, Menthol Lactate, Witch Hazel and OXY-FIT-10.


Standard Post (2-5 days) $6.95

Express Post (1-3 days) $9.95

How to Use?

Apply to any area of the body where muscles are tight and inflamed, pre or post workout. Massage in a circular motion until body serum is absorbed. Repeat as necessary.

$36.00 $49.00

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