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Cleansing Face Scrub


Product Description The deep leansing face scrub from Hunter Lab is a light foaming cleanser and a gentle exfoliant. Working on all areas of your face, this cleaner will hydrate and speed up the natural rejuvenation process of your skin cells. A clever mix of macrobiotic sea minerals (a natural eco scrub) seaweed and passionfruit extracts will brighten your skin for a more youthful appearance. This is the perfect...

Daily Face Wash


Product Description The gentle Daily Face Wash from Baxter’s of California is a cool and calming cleanser. A coconut based cleansing option ensures moister is delivered, while the rich powers of ginseng remove toxins and aloe vera calms skin. Leaving your skin looking refreshed and feeling smooth. This face wash can be used daily to remove excess oil and debris, without stripping away vital moisture. Fragrance-free and suitable for...

Face Scrub


Product Description A gentle exfoliating face scrub made exclusively for men. Baxter of California’s decades of experience has made for some genuinely amazing products. The facial scrub is one of these, as it exfoliates and tones the skins surface, giving an improved appearance after each use. This is your first step in a more youthful looking skin. Enriched with the natural powers of; almond essence, walnut powder, chamomile, honey...

Daily Face Moisturiser


Product Description The Daily Face Moisturiser from Hunter Lab is a rich nutrient based face moisturiser, to be used as your daily awakening. This moisturiser uses the natural benefits of avocado, macadamia and passionfruit seed oils to smooth and nourish your skin. The use of passion flower and wakame extracts will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin cells. The full combination of ingredients will reduce skin-ageing and restore the skins...

Herbal Mint Face Toner


Product Description Baxter of California's award-winning herbal mint face toner cleanses, tones and removes impurities from your skin by using mild herbal extracts. Other ingredients which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and E will protect your skin against toxins and cell damage, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh. For best results use toner after baxter’s daily face wash and complete your regime with baxter’s oil free moisturiser....

Hunter Essentials Gift Set


Product Description Hunter Lab’s Essentials Gift Set combines the two necessary skincare staples that all men should have. For you to use daily, it includes their Cleansing Facial Scrub and their Daily Face Fuel moisturiser. Key Ingredients Cleansing Facial Scrub - Bladderwrack Extract, Violet Leaf Extract, Passion Flower Extract. The Daily Face Fuel - Macadamia Seed Oil, Passionfruit Seed Oil, Passion Flower Extract, & Avocado Oil. How to Use?...

Ritual Face Cleanser


Product Description The ritual face cleanser is a foamy delight for your face. A refreshing, peppermint-scented experience that will revitalise skin cells. Triumph and Disaster have carefully formulated the ritual so it works without drying or irritating skin. This one is safe to use even if you have the most delicate of skin. The carefully selected ingredients use the healing powers of tamanu and peppermint oils to exfoliate and...

Logic Toner


Product Description Triumph & Disaster's Witch Hazel Toning Lotion is a natural, alcohol-free toner. Named logic for its list of honest and effective ingredients. Using a toner will cleanse deeper than a standard face wash, a toner clears residue from deep in your skins pores, reducing oil build up and the effects of pollution on the skin. Triumph & Disaster have engineered a unique blend which will balance, clear and tone...

Rock and Roll Face Scrub


Product Description The rock & roll suicide face scrub is a deep and invigorating natural scrub. Triumph and Disaster’s volcanic ash & green clay face scrub will speed up the natural replenishment rate of your skin cells. It is well known that regular exfoliation is essential for any skincare regime. The rock and roll scrub contains key ingredients which will improve skin condition, remove unwanted oils and cleanse deep...

Stash Box


Product Description The Stash Box is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, it neatly brings together Triumph and Disaster’s best hits, if you will. A complete skincare routine sorted with the delivery of one stylish package. The Stash Box contains the Rock and Roll Suicide Face Scrub, The Old Fashioned Shave Cream, the Gameface Moisturiser and Triumph and Disaster’s Badger Brush. A combination which will upgrade...

The Cleansing Kit Gift Set


Product Description Hunter Lab’s cleansing kit gift set is the perfect starter gift for you or a loved one. This grooming set includes the exfoliating hand & body soap bar and the cleansing facial scrub making it an ideal introduction for any new Hunter Lab fan. What's Included? Exfoliating Hand & Body Bar, Cleansing Facial Scrub Key Ingredients Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar - Black Clay (Australia), Jojoba Oil...

The Complete Armoury Gift Set


Product Description Hunter Lab’s complete armoury gift set is the ultimate skincare gift for any man, even if you are gifting it to yourself. Presented in a stylish and re-useable leather and felt toiletries bag. This gift offers all the essential skincare tools and grooming products any man could need. The Hunter Lab range is designed to improve your skin with the use of natural ingredients. The armoury gift...

The Daily Tool Kit Gift Set


Product Description Hunter Lab’s daily tool kit is the perfect gift set for any modern man, even if it is for yourself. Presented in a stylish and re-useable leather and felt toiletries bag, it contains the daily cleansing essentials from Hunter Lab’s male specific skincare range. Designed to offer men healthy skin options. Give a gift designed just for him. What's Included? The Bag, Hand and Body Wash, Cleansing...



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