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Active Conditioner


Product Description This Active Conditioner is the powerful sidekick of Fit Skincare’s Active Shampoo. It uses the same powerful ingredients and more to improve your hair condition. All natural ingredients including caffeine, vitamins and botanical extracts, along with the signature OXY-FIT-10, this conditioner will thicken, strengthen and add volume to your hair. It has a subtle and refreshing scent of ginger, your dream of irresistible hair starts here. Key...

Active Shampoo


Product Description Fit Skincare’s Active Shampoo is made from natural ingredients including caffeine, vitamins and botanical extracts, along with the signature OXY-FIT-10. This shampoo will thicken, strengthen and reduce hair fall-out. It has a subtle and refreshing scent of ginger. Grow thick and healthy hair. Key Ingredients Vitamin B5, Caffeine, Maca Root Extract, Ginger and OXY-FIT-10. Delivery Standard Post (2-5 days) $6.95 Express Post (1-3 days) $9.95 How to...

Eye-Drate + Eye Serum


Product Description Fit Skincare’s Eye-Drate is a gentle eye serum, that targets the under eye area by reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. The eye-drate serum provides a cooling sensation which will refresh your tired eyes. Using a high-tech formula made with a combination of OXY-FIT-10, hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract, this powerful addition to your skincare routine will boost skin cell regeneration and sooth your...

Flaw-Less Body Moisturiser & Repair Serum


Product Description Flaw-Less is a highly effective body moisturiser and blemish repair serum for all over body use. It will visibly reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes & stretch marks. This is the perfect moisturiser to include in your gym routine, as it can effectively help avoid the skin developing stretch marks during heavy weight training. Flaw-Less from Fit Skincare is fast acting, using essential oils to moisturise, correct...

Keep-Thick Hair Treatment

$68.00 $135.00

Product Description Fit Skincare’s keep-thick hair treatment will improve the texture, thickness and condition of your hair. The formula works by encouraging new hair growth. The nourishing properties of marine extracts and combination of OXY-FIT-10 and collagen will improve your scalps condition and reduce hair loss. Working from root to tip this treatment will help you maintain a mane of envy. Key Ingredients Marine Extract - Laminaria Digitata and...

Lip Serum


Product Description Fit Skincare’s Lip Serum will repair and protect your lips by locking in the moisture that lips would ordinarily loose. This lip balm is invisible, taste and shine free. Packed full of vitamin C, calendula extract and Fit Skincare’s signature blend of OXY-FIT 10 will ensure that your lips are moisturised and kissable throughout the seasons. Key Ingredients Marine Extract, Botanical Extract, Pisum Sativum, Vitamin C, Calendula...

Massage Miracle Body Serum


Product Description Fit Skincare’s massage miracle body serum will enhance your performance and speed up muscle recovery time after workouts. Using a mix of menthol to cool, ginger to reduce pain and inflammation and witch hazel to accelerate the natural healing process. Your hardworking muscles will be gym ready again in no time. This is the perfect solution for frequent gym-goers who want to see quick results with less...

Moisturising Ultra Face Serum


Product Description Fit Skincare’s ultra moisturising face serum is designed for you, the active gym-goer. This high-tech, non greasy moisturiser will hydrate, repair, protect and refresh your skin. Its lightweight texture will absorb rapidly to recharge and stimulate your skin cells and encourage them to be at their natural best. Suitable for all skin types. Use daily for best results. Key Ingredients Amino acid’s, Botanical extract and Seed extract,...

Pec & Ab Sculpt Body Moisturiser


Product Description The pec and ab sculpt body moisturiser will improve muscle definition. Fit Skincare’s serum instantly absorbs into the skin getting to work immediately. A clever collision of technology & bio-active natural ingredients will eliminate excess fat, tone and firm your body. Caffeine aids in the limitation of fat storage while the artichoke leaf extracts target stored fat. For best results use in combination with an active gym...

Stress-Less Face Cream


Product Description The stress-Less face cream from Fit Skincare is a targeted solution that works exclusively on the lines around your mouth, under your eyes and the creases on your forehead. Stress-Less gives skin more elasticity, which will plump up the skins surface reducing the depth of your lines. The formula is made with a mix of creatine which will tone the skin and OXY-FIT-10 which regenerate skin cells....



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