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Stress-Less Face Cream

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Product Description

The stress-Less face cream from Fit Skincare is a targeted solution that works exclusively on the lines around your mouth, under your eyes and the creases on your forehead. Stress-Less gives skin more elasticity, which will plump up the skins surface reducing the depth of your lines. The formula is made with a mix of creatine which will tone the skin and OXY-FIT-10 which regenerate skin cells. Use daily and watch the fine lines fade away.

Key Ingredients

Amino acid, Botanical extract, Creatine and OXY-FIT-10.


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How to Use?

Apply to clean, dabbed-dry skin after workouts, sports or showers. Gently apply to fine lines around your eyes, forehead and corners of your mouth, avoid pulling your skin in the application process. Use daily for best results. This face cream is suitable for all skin types.

$58.00 $79.00


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