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Leather Balm for Razor Strop


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Product Description

Dovo's Leather Balm, to keep the leather of your sharpening strop in tip top condition. As with all leather, over time it will age, dry and crack. The best way to avoid this is to moisturise the surface. The leather balm from Dovo will replenish the moisture of the leather with the use of essential oils. Using this in between stropping will maintain the leather of the strop, making sure that it is soft and supple, for an easy and efficient stropping result. Look after your blade by looking after your strop.

Key Ingredients

Essential oils and waxes.

Delivery Options

Standard Post (2-5 days) $6.95

Express Post (1-3 days) $9.95

How to Use?

Put a pea-sized amount of the balm onto your hand, then lightly rub the balm over the strop trying to get an even coverage. Avoid over use of the leather balm.


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