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Inox Olive Wood 5/8 Straight Razor


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The Dovo Solingen Olive Wood Inox Straight Razor (also known as a cut throat razor) is a thing of beauty. It is designed for only the most serious of shavers, those of you who want to enjoy the pleasures of maintaining a smooth and touchable jawline. A mix of high standard craftsmanship and simplistic design, this light olive wood handled razor will age gracefully.

This traditionally styled blade, complete with a 24-karat gold etching is made by the steel master-crafters at Dovo Solingen, in Germany. Using only the highest quality carbon steel, this 5/8” round point full hollow ground blade, is the ultimate in blade strength. Invest in a comfortable shave.


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How to Use?

After cleansing and exfoliating, use a hot towel to open the pores of your skin. Follow the direction of your hair growth to avoid irritation. Apply your desired pre-shave option to your skin, either with fingers or a shaving brush. We recommend starting with your sideburns and cheeks, pulling the skin tight from the neck. Put the razor to your face (no pressure should be required) at an angle of 30 degrees, use short strokes and follow your hair growth. Once this area is smooth move to the neck, following the same technique of short strokes and at a gentle angle. Finally the lip and chin area. Hair tends to be more corse around this area so add a little warm water to give extra moisture.

Once your shave is complete rinse your face and neck with cool water to close pores. Select your favourite post-shave or aftershave product to sooth skin. Rinse your straight cut razor under running water then dab dry with a towel. To avoid wear and tear oil your blade after each shave and use a razor strop every 10-15 shaves to keep your straight razor blade sharp.


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