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Disappearing Cream Aftershave


Lucky Tiger's Menthol Disappearing Cream soothes and refreshes skin. A subtle menthol scent that moisturises deep into the cells, helping skin to recover from a close shave. The perfect blend of menthol, mint and Aloe Vera cools the skin to keep your skin fresh all day.

Head to Tail Shampoo and Body Wash


Product Description The head to tail is a peppermint shampoo and body wash from Lucky Tiger will provide an all over cooling sensation. Made with pure and natural peppermint and olive oil sourced from the historical Castile region in Spain. This rich and creamy wash will cleanse all over. Excite your scenes. The Lucky Tiger brand have been helping men get lucky since 1935. Key Ingredients Aqua, Olea Europaea...

Moustache Wax


Product Description Lucky Tiger’s Moustache Wax is a classic, for the true connoisseur of moustache maintenance. It has been carefully formulated for easy application and a firm hold. This barbershop classic moustache wax will condition and control your Mo. Be brave and style it big. Key Ingredients Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Petrolatum, Coco Butter, Lanolin Delivery Options Standard Post (2-5 days) $6.95 Express Post (1-3 days) $9.95...

Premium Face Moisturiser


Product Description Lucky Tiger face moisturiser is made from only the finest ingredients, it is 100% alcohol-free and unscented. This moisturiser helps your skin retain a healthy moisture level that will lead to a well hydrated healthy skin tone. Using a moisturiser once or twice a day is an important part of any skincare routine as it offers a protection against premature ageing. Have happier skin. Key Ingredients Purified...

Premium Liquid Shaving Cream


Product Description Lucky Tiger liquid shaving cream is a modern reinterpretation of a bygone shaving cream. You can apply it like you would a moisturiser, as you do it will develop into a thick creamy lather. The foamy lather will lift your hairs for a more comfortable shave. The liquid cream is specially formulated with natural botanicals: chamomile which restores and calms skin during shaving. Olive fruit oil which...

Premium Mens Face Wash


Product Description Using a gentle face wash daily is an important foundation in any skincare routine. Lucky Tiger's Liquid Face Wash offers a thorough clean, that removes imperfections and energises the skin cells. The formula is mildly scented and packed with natural ingredients that target revitalising and replenishing your skin for improved condition. Nothing looks better on a man than good healthy skin. Age well, but at your own...



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