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Long Handle Classic Double Edge Razor 23C


Product Description The Long Handle Double Edge Razor from Merkur is an instant classic. The longer handle is made specifically to accommodate those of you with larger hands. A total length of 10cm or 4 inches, it is balanced for a precision shave. This safety razor is a perfect option for beginners, those of you who want to upgrade but are not ready to try a straight razor. This...

Polished Barber Pole Safety Razor 38c


Product Description The Barber Pole Safety Razor from Merkur is delicately crafted by the steel masters in Germany. Designed for comfortable shaves this stylised razor is something that will stand the test of time. Ideal for those of you with large hands, as the handle is a 9.5cm in length. It is carefully weighted and balanced for precision. Finished in a high polished chrome, the handle design mimics that...

Polished Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor


Product Description The Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor is one of very few customisable razors. This clever razor offers you an adjustable blade angle so you can alter the razor head to suit your personal preference. It works with a turning dial inside the head of the razor, which allows the futur to be configured to perform optimally for you. Made from solid and well-constructed steel with a...

Super Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades


Product Description Merkur’s Super Platinum Razor Blade are refills designed to fit all standard and traditional double edge safety razors. Sold in a pack of 10, each blade will last you 3-7 shaves. These Merkur blades are made with high-carbon stainless steel, rust resistance and platinum coating, ensuring a comfortable shaves. Each blade is individually wrapped for ease. Size W: 6.35cm w x H: 5.1cm Delivery Options Standard Post...



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