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Baxter Best Badger Shaving Brush

$95.00 $110.00

Product Description The shaving brush from Baxter of California is made from high quality natural badger hair that will help prepare your skin for an optimum shave. Using a shaving brush, it lifts facial hair making it easier for the razor to shave closer to the skin. A brush can also aid the lathering of pre shave soaps or creams. Made in Germany using 100% natural badger hair, this...

Best Badger Shaving Brush


Product Description Captain Fawcett’s true badger shaving brush is the perfect tool to aid in better shaves. Badger hair will encourage a rich and foamy lather from any pre-shave choice, resulting in a closer more comfortable wet shave. Made to imitate a luxury shave from the past with a faux ivory handle and chrome detailing, this shaving badger brush is handcrafted in the cobble streets of Sheffield, England. Relive...

Pure Badger Classic Shaving Brush

$50.00 $95.00

Product Description This shaving brush from Dovo is made from fine quality badger hair, the proven leader in shaving. Dovo have made their shaving accessories to work in combination with their razors and a badger brush is the most desired start to any shaving routine. This badger brush is finished with a high shine black acrylic handle which is lightweight and stylish. The shape of the handle is wider...



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