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Our customers are the most important part of MR HARDYS and we always want them to return because we did something a little different.

Ben Mos - Founder



MR HARDYS was started by two Melbourne creatives, inspired by travel, meeting likeminded people and possibility.

There was a moment in Dumbo, New York when we knew we wanted to build something for men that would match the longstanding variety offered to women. The idea took a year to come to fruition but after lots of perseverance were still talking about it lovingly 4 years on. We work with leading brands that will inspire you to curate a style that suits your lifestyle.

We are passionate about providing world class male grooming solutions for men in Australia and around the world. We search the globe to find the best brands and the highest quality collections to add to MR HARDYS so you can find everything you need in one place.

We encourage you to experiment with your style whether you have a moustache, are growing a beard, are clean shaven, have long hair or short there is choice here for you at Mr Hardys. We have everything from razors, oils, shaving tools, aftershaves, skincare, beard care, hair care, grooming tools and much more.


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