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Two-Sided Leather Razor Strop


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The double-sided leather razor strop is a loyal comrade for any straight cut razor. A combination of canvas, for coarse edge alignment or preparation and high grade leather for sharpening, this double-sided strop will take your blade sharpening skills to the next level. Complete with a handy swivel hoop for hanging this strop will keep your straight cut razor in good sharp shape. Strop carefully.


L: 45cm x W: 4.5cm stropping area.

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How to Use?

Using the canvas side to warm up the blade, strop the blade toward spine (or back of the of the blade) in an upward and downward motion, flipping or rolling your blade to change directions. Take care of the angle to avoid cutting the strop.

Once the blade is warm get to work on the leather side in exactly the same way. To soften the strop in between uses or if new, run your hand over the leather a few times with a leather balm to soften the leather. Then repeat the stropping motion on your razor strop.


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