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Walk in the Woods Moustache Wax


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The Walk in the Woods Moustache Wax is inspired by the scents of summer. Incorporating earthy, moss smells of the forest floor with tree bark, tree needles and soft floral notes. Gorgeously fresh, crisp and refreshing. The Bearded Man Co Moustache Wax is both perfect for a solo mo or mo and beard combination. A blend of oils, butters and waxes that will tame and style any facial hair length. The Bearded Man Co's waxes are inspired by old fashioned recipes which each have a slight modern twist. This wax will condition, style and enhance your beard and moustache. The smooth wax will add shape, definition with a hint of luxury for any well groomed gentleman.

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How to Use?

Warm wax in either a jacket or trouser pocket to make it easier to use. Using the back of your finger nail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar. Soften the wax between thumb and forefinger, then work it evenly into your moustache in an outward & upward motion. Add a little moustache wax to the tips of your mo to ensure a stylish and well-defined finish.



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